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Thanks to our support, you will have a complete analysis of your sector and an optimal positioning for your activity. Optimize the launch of your project now by mastering your market.

Market study

Our methodology can be divided into 3 specific areas: the structural documentary study of your market, the analysis of your competitive environment, and your offer’s positioning. You will therefore have a perfect knowledge of your market segment and your opportunities.

With this market study, you will be able to:
  • Control the players and issues in your market
  • Know the positioning of your competitors
  • Target unsatisfied needs in your market segment
  • Determine the opportunities and threats to your project
  • Have a clear and concrete orientation for your project

Consumer study 

Our methodology is based on a quantitative analysis of consumer expectations and needs. Our survey modules are developed without any cognitive bias to guarantee total objectivity on the respondents’ part.

With this market research, you will be able to:
  • Determine the optimum marketing criteria for your project
  • Optimize the acquisition of new customers
  • Identify consumer trends specific to your market
  • Have personal access to the “DATAVIV” dashboard for modulation and analysis of the data collected.

Business plan 

Your business plan will serve as a powerful steering tool for your project and as a communication tool for your partners to convince them of its viability.

With the implementation of your business plan, you will be able to:
  • Establish the major axes of your project
  • Define your optimal commercial and structural strategies
  • Build your marketing strategy
  • Organize your future material logistics
  • Develop your financial forecast and the potential profitability of your project

Product focus 

Notre méthodologie s’appuie sur la réalisation d’une analyse qualitative, portant sur les besoins définis par les consommateurs ainsi que les besoins n’ayant pas encore été définis. Nos processus d’entretiens semi-directifs nous permettent de qualifier les innovations pouvant représenter une opportunité pour votre lancement sur le marché.

With the completion of your product focus study, you will be able to:
  • Determine innovation paths for your offer
  • Obtain key information on consumer expectations
  • Have competitive marketing insights
  • Identify overcome and threats in your marketplace

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