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Since the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises was created in 1969, Skema Conseil has been continuously reinventing itself in order to be as close as possible to its most loyal clients, partners, and collaborators.

Thanks to the support and influence of SKEMA Business School, our student consulting firm has developed a unique business DNA, marked by cutting-edge innovation, which today allows it to position itself as the “corporate laboratory of tomorrow”! This has been demonstrated not only by the unprecedented merger between our three French entities in Lille, Paris, and Sophia Antipolis in 2020 but also by our international expansion with the opening of our offices in Brazil (Belo Horizonte), China (Suzhou), and in the United States (Raleigh, North Carolina).

We are now able to offer tailor-made support in a “glocal” environment, which is why we carry out more than a hundred studies every year on a national, European, and international scale. Moreover, our expertise has enabled us to obtain to obtain ISO 9001 standard accreditation. We are also ranked among the 4 best Junior-Enterprises in France, and have won numerous awards, including the Best Support for Entrepreneurs and the Best Project with Positive Impacts.

Relying on Skema Conseil to accompany you means taking advantage of this unique DNA and a resolutely professional and agile team, attentive to all your needs.

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Corporate structure

Skema Conseil is the Junior-Enterprise of SKEMA Business School, ranked 12th World Business School by the Financial Times.

Thanks to its experience and the level of education of SKEMA Business School, Skema Conseil can provide you with services that will efficiently help you with your different projects.

Our range of competencies allows us to respond to large groups, SMEs, and key entrepreneurial challenges.

With three branches in France (Lille – North of France-, Paris, and Nice – South of France-) and two branches abroad with Suzhou in China and Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Skema Conseil benefits from national and international coverage for your studies.

Skema Conseil is ISO 9001 (v.2015) certified.

This standard is a real guarantee of quality on an international scale, valued by the largest companies. It certifies the rigor of our Quality Management System.

Our quality policy includes various points considered crucial for the good development of your structure.

Accompanying your team, gaining in productivity, or improving customer satisfaction are some of the objectives we have set during our various projects.

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National and International Studies

Skema Conseil has five branches located on the French and international campuses of SKEMA Business School: in Lille, France’s third-largest business district in Euralille; in Paris, in the heart of Suresnes; and in Nice, in Europe’s leading technology hub. 

The privileged relationship maintained by the branches, located at strategic points in France, offers clients the possibility of conducting studies on a national scale.

For any study, we can provide quantitative or qualitative data in the North, in the Paris area, and in the South without subcontracting with other Junior-Enterprises. Our international outlook allows us to collect data on global markets, which can be a real benefit for your project.


A bit of historyle

  • FirstA word from our Alumni

    Skema Conseil is an adventure of incredible richness. Every year since 1969, new challenges have contributed to writing a new chapter in our growing history. You will always find the commitment of each and every one of us, active or former member, to the service of our clients.


    Our sole existence as a Strategic Orientation Committee and the very essence of our composition attests of our long-term commitment and of the reliable organization of our structure. More than that, our permanent implication is the illustration of the positive impact this adventure has had in our lives. Skema Conseil is a catalyst for success, with a path which is specific to the world of Junior-Enterprises, and where the discipline that materializes accompanies the freedom of enterprise. 


    We have built and defined the Skema Conseil Group’s vision as the Junior Enterprise reflex. This structure exists for us, for the customers who have already trusted us, and we hope it will soon exist for you.

  • 1969Azur Junior Conseil / CERAM

  • 1987Norétude / ESC Lille

  • 2009Skema Conseil / SKEMA Business School

    In 2009, the merger of ESC Lille and CERAM Sophia Antipolis boosted the merger of their respective Juniors created in 1987 and 1969, which finally gave birth to Skema Conseil Group, with the signature of the partnership agreement the same year.

  • 2011Creation of Skema Conseil Paris

    In 2011, the Parisian structure became independent, and Skema Conseil Paris was created. In 2014, the Group won the Partners Challenge, rewarding the best partnership of Junior-Enterprises of the movement. The work towards greater harmonization kept going and in 2016, the three Junior Enterprises signed their first Group partnership with EY. Still in 2016, the Group renewed its graphic charter and went international.

  • 2019Creation de Skema Consulting China

  • 2020Creation de Skema Consultoria JR. Brazil

  • 2020Merger of the three French entities under Skema Conseil

    Finally, in 2020, the merger of Skema Conseil Group's three entities was officially made. The three Junior-Enterprises became a single entity: Skema Conseil.

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